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Aristocracy, greenery and Palermo.

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  • Meeting Point: Urban Biking´s shop

  • Plaza San Martín

  • Recoleta

  • Barrio Parque

  • Bosques de Palermo y Rosedal



4 hours


Bike, helmet, tour guide, bottled water, and traveller's insurance.

Difficulty Level

Low. You need not be young or in top physical shape. Our one day tours are easy-going and relaxing.


Only in the event of pouring rain will biking trips be cancelled or delayed


USD 65
for a regular bike tour
USD 130
for a private bike tour

Aristocracy, greenery and Palermo

We’ll ride through “Retiro”, where we'll get to see the reflections that the different epochs in our history left in the city. After seeing a really particular art space, The Regazzoni’s work shop, we’ll go to the recoleta's cemetery, where the past time of the aristocratic families of Buenos Aires rest inside of imposing monuments.

We’ll leave from there to enjoy Palermo neighborhood, or even better, the several neighborhoods you can find in Palermo: the Parisian style houses of Palermo Chico and Barrio Parque, The woods ("3 de febrero" park), with their lakes and sculptures. On the return, we’ll see the everyday life of Buenos Aires.

Lot of people says than Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America. We invite you to discover it with us, and perhaps to re-think that, looking through the eyes of this wonderfully diverse city

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