Tigre Full Day Tour

A full day adventure: train, bike and kayak in the Delta

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  • Ravignani 2120 - Palermo

  • Train to La Lucila (aprox 20")

  • Biking to Tigre: La Lucila, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre

  • Kayaking inside Delta Islands

  • Asado argentino

  • Train from Tigre . Palermo.



9 hours


Bike, helmet, tour guide (s), kayak, mate & snack, lunch (asado), bottled water, train tickets and traveller's insurance

Difficulty Level

Low / Medium. This is the most “sporty” of the biking tours, but have no fear - these one day tours are still peaceful and relaxing


Only in the event of pouring rain will biking trips be cancelled or delayed


USD 150
for a regular bike tour
USD 240
for a private bike tour

Bike trip to northern suburbs of Buenos Aires and Delta kayaking

32 km away from the city of Buenos Aires, a wonderful gateway into nature is found - Tigre and the Paraná River delta area. We offer a full-day bike trip that includes a delta kayaking excursion. The cycling tour of Tigre, the delta area and the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires offers a wide range of possibilities to combine both sport and culture in a beautiful setting.


Biking and kayaking are two sporting activities that complement each other perfectly for an active tourism bike trip. This cycling tour is a perfect way to get some exercise and get around one of the most cherished places in the Buenos Aires province.

Once in Tigre, we invite you on a one-and-a-half hour kayak adventure in the delta waters. The town of Tigre and the islands of the Paraná River are an oasis of natural landscapes and beautiful scenery unparalleled by other Buenos Aires sightseeing tours.

At Urban Biking, we also offer the possibility of private Buenos Aires sightseeing tours with personalized attention from our expert tour guides. These private cycling tours are ideal for leisurely travelers who like to take things at their own pace.

Bikes, helmets, guide (s), bottled water, traditional Argentine asado, kayak, train tickets and traveler’s insurance are all included in our full day bike trip.

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